Portal site for investors into Japanese market

Wa-Cul (Wherever, Anytime, Cultural Understandings and Learning) is a portal site mainly for business travelers to Japan and/or investors into Japanese Market.
Our site has 6 categories to provide useful information during your stay in Japan as follows;

01 How to start up business in Japan
02 Japanese big company group
03 Tokyo Town Guide
04 Business useful Japanese phrases and words
05 Japanese manner
06 WA-CUL updates

We also provide native check services for Japanese written letter, Report etc in reasonable price.

This “Wa-Cul” site is operated by “rain Inc.“, a Japanese company which support Japanese companies overseas investment.

In addition to the above main services, We can support your investment into Japan both B2B and B2C companies as follows;

  1. Pre-research before investment
  2. Potentional partner survey
  3. Competitors survey
  4. Marketing survey
  5. Consulting services

We are also able to set-up your business trip to Japan.

  1. Making appointments with your potential partners
  2. Joining in the meeting like your secretariat
  3. Translation services from Japanese to English/English to Japanese

After you decide your investment, we have a strong connection with Accounting firm which concentrates overseas companies support in Japanese market, so we can do seamless support for your investment to Japanese market.

Please feel free to contact our email “info@research-asian.info” anything about your business trip to Japan and/or Japanese market investment support (Just FYI, same services are possible to provide to you by our company in other Asian market too).

Managing Director, rain Inc.

Sayaka Fukuda


Address: rain Inc., c/o GF Studio 3-25-9 Sakura, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 156-0053
Tel: +81-90-9375-3838
Email: info@research-asian.info