Bowing (Ojigi)

There are many customs and manners in Japan.
Especially, Japanese bowing style is very unique.  There are three kinds of bowing.

  • “Eshaku”: 15 degree from your original position (stand uplight), but not only your neck but bowing from your weist.
  • “Keirei”: 30 degree from your original position (stand uplight).
  • “Saikeirei”: 45 degree from your original position (stand uplight).
  • “Shazai (apology)”: 70 degree from your original position (stand uplight).


If you walk around Japan, you may see this bowing from like shop staff, restaurant staff.
Eshaku (会釈), we will do when we see someone in right way.
30 degree is more polite, maybe you will see if you buy something in department store.
45 degree is most polite bowing. If you are visiting business trip, you may see it when you say good bye to your client.

Such bowing style is special in Japan, but it is nice if you can do when you are treated something by Japanese people.
As Japanese people do not think foreigners know bowing manner, so they will be surprised and treat you more!

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