Tips to ride subway and railway without losing your way

In Tokyo, Subway and JR (Japan Railway) network is very well developed and you can go to your destination in many routes/ many ways.
However, as this transportation system is so complicated like spiders web like the image below.
This is only subway networks. In addition, Japan railways’s Yamanote line go around the central Tokyo like circle.
Subway is good for short distance trip in the central Tokyo area.
Marunouchi line (red color) and Oedo line (Pink-purple color) is going circle.
Tips for travel using subway, it is very useful if you can remember each subway line’s color. Each subway has their own symbol color, like Ginza line is yellow color, Hibiya line is gray color. Since 2004, Tokyo metro put code with alphanumeric station code such as Gizna Line Shibuya Station 渋谷駅 (G-01), Ginza line Asakusa Station 浅草駅 (G-19).

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