#2 Tokyo Sky Tree, Asakusa and Fukagawa area

Our new landmark, “Tokyo Sky Tree“, 634 metre hight is located next to Oshiage Station. In Sky tree, there are “Tokyo Skytree Town” and many souvenir shop “Tokyo Soramachi” and aquarium, planetarium in the town.
Tokyo Sky Tree itself is very new landmark, but originally, this area is old town of Tokyo.
You can go up to 350 metre deck (Tenbou-deck, 展望デッキ) to view 360 degrees of Tokyo town. In addition, in 450 metre point, there is corridor to view outside and downside At 451.2m, the highest point which we can enter is called “Sora kara point” and it is fun to see outside with music and right.

Tokyo sky tree itself is modern, but if you go around surrounded area, you may notice it is old town around the tree.

Asakusa is the major tourist destination. “Sensou-ji” (Japanese temple) and “Nakamise” (Small street of souvenir) from the gate of Sensoji “Kaminarimon” a big gate to Nakamise are very famous. Now Asakusa is welcoming many tourists, so people there are trying to speak English or making English menu, but still it is hard to communicate in English and still it is old town of Japan.

If you come to Japan in Sakura- cherry blossom season, Sumida park is the perfect place to see Blossom and Sky tree in once.

Mukoujima is an old town with small landmarks. Mukoujima-hyakka-en is the garden built in 19 century. Many flowers are welcoming you. 150 yen to enter the garden.
Seiko museum is owned by “Seiko”, famous clock brand in Japan. So many old clock such as solar clock and first machinery clock are there.

“Kappa-bashi” is unique street near from this area. This street is concentrate into Professional chef’s kitchen tools. You can buy professional tools with lower prices.

“Ryogoku” is the Sumo wrestling area. There is Sumo museum, Edo-Tokyo museum (everything about Tokyo including Edo era).

“Fukagawa” has “Kiyosumi Teien”, a big garden developed by Mitsubishi corporation founder Mr. Iwasaki Yataro. If you know “Haiku” short Japanese sentence, the most famous Haiku specialist in the history “Matsuo Basho”‘s museum is in this area.

In “Monzen-Nakacho”, one famous temple “Naritasan Fukagawa dou” and one famous shrine “Tomioka Hachimangu”.

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