#3 Ueno park, Yushima, Yanaka and Akihabara area

Ueno Park” has several museums, zoo. There are also many cherry trees, so in Spring time, it is very beautiful.
Ame-yoko” is a street between Ueno station to Okachimachi station. There are a lot of shops of fresh fish, sweets, imported foods and US-army-fashion shop.
Yushima” and “Hongo” are area of University of Tokyo, the top rank university in Japan. Also there is an ex-house of Mitsubishi Conglomerate owner Iwasaki’s house (now show to public).
In this area, there is a museum of Mr. Takehisa Yumeji’s art collection.
Yanaka“, “Nezu” and “Sendagi” is called “Ya-Ne-Sen” and known as an old town. Some shop is in the old building/ house.
Ochanomizu” and “Akihabara“, many university students visit this area. Akihabara is famous for electronics products for a long time. Now Akihabara is also famous for Sub-culture.

03 Tokyo Town Guide