#4 Koishikawa, Kagurazaka, Waseda and Sugamo area

In “Koishikawa“, there is the “Koishikawa-Korakuen Park”, which was made in 1629. 70,847 square meters park has many beautiful scenery.
In “Korakuen“, “Tokyo Dome”, a stadium with roof and big public bath “La Qua” is in this area.
In “Kagurazaka“, it was one of 6 entertainment area for male in Edo era, so still many gourmet spots are there.
In “Waseda” and “Mejirodai“, there is one of the top university of Japan, “Waseda University” campus. This area was the one where big houses of Edo era, so many parks are found in this area too.
In “Gokokuji” area, Gokokuji temple are located. It was built year 1681. In “Zoushigaya”, “Kishimojin”, a shrine to pray for safe baby born and raising children.
In “Myogadani“, “Hakusan” area, there is a “Koishikawa shokubutsu-en”, a big park developed in Edo era, ex-castle of TOkugawa family. Now owned by University of Tokyo (Open to public with 400 yen).In Hakusan, there is Hakusan shrine, which is famous for hydrangea flower in June.
In “Rikugien“, there is Rikugien park, which was developed in Edo era and 87,890 square meter. Cherry blossom and autumn leaves are famous.
Sugamo“, there is “Sugamo-Jizo-street”, about 800 meter, which focus on aged people.

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