#5 Meiji-jingu, Shibuya, Jingu-Gaien, Omote-sando and Shinjuku

Meiji Jingu” is the park which is enshrined Meiji Emperor. West side, there is a Yoyogi Koen (Park).
Meiji Jingu is more like “Forest”, and Yoyogi Koen is Park.
East side, there is “Harajuku“, fashionable area for teenagers.
Omote sando“, east of “Harajuku” is the most fashionable area in Tokyo. So if you go by foot from Harajuku to Omotesando, you may find many shops, including “Omotesando hills” an unique shopping center.
From Omote-sando cross to south, it is “Aoyama” area. One of the most snob and high-end street in Tokyo, but not for aged people like Ginza but more younger generation.
Shibuya“, big terminal station, a south of Harajuku area, is the popular for teenager and young people. Especially, a cross of in front of JR Shibuya station is famous for “Scramble Crossing”. If you see this crossing, you may feel energy of Tokyo.
Shibuya is also famous that many IT related companies are located.
“Jingu-Gaien” area, you may see many offices in this area. National stadium was located in this area, but now it is under construction for New national stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympic game and Paralympics.
“Shinjuku”, a north side of Meiji jingu is also a bie terminal station and there is a lot of people day and night. Shinjuku has “Office town” face and “Night life town” face.

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