#6 Akasaka, Roppongi, Toranomon, Azabu-Juban, Tokyo tower area

Akasaka” is near to “Nagata-cho”, governmental area, so high-end Japanese restaurants “Ryotei” are located in this area. Japanese major TV station “TBS” is also in this area, TV related people and ad agencies are also located. So many restaurants and offices are in this area.
Roppongi” is major for foreigners. Roppongi hills, a shopping center and very high end residence, National museum, Tokyo Mid Town, a shopping center and high end residence are located in Roppongi. Here is “Night life” area rather than office town, though there are many offices in Roppongi hills and Mid town.
Azabu Juban” is near from Roppongi, but its atmosphere is totally different from Roppongi. It is rather old town and also snob restaurants/ cafe are there. Some foreign embassy is around this area.
One of the symbol of Tokyo, “Tokyo Tower” is near from Shinbashi and Tranomon. Shinbashi is office town, and Tranomon was totally office town before, but now new rand mark “Tranomon Hills”-, high end shopping center and residences was recently newly built.
Tokyo tower itself has not many sightseeing place any more, as Sky-tree is now major, but if you find the tower especially in the night time, you may see it is surely a rand mark of Tokyo.

03 Tokyo Town Guide