Mr./Ms./Mrs./Miss….in Japanese language

In English, there are many words put before name, such as Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss…
In Japanese language, if you remember “San” and “Sama”, it will be good for your conversation with Japanese people, even if speak in English.
“San” is Mr/Ms. for normal relationships.
“Sama” is more polite, so if you talk with upper rank people, better use “Sama”.
There are no difference between male/female. Just politeness is different.

For talking with more junior staff, or with child, “Chan” (to girl) and “Kun” (to boy) is useful.

For all those words, “San”, “Sama”, “Chan”, “Kun” is put after the name or family name.
Like “Yamada-San” “Yamada-kun”.

In Japan, we use family name for work, not first name. But maybe, as you are not Japanese, they doesn’t matter even if you call their first name, not family name.

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